Dec 20th H2S Alive in Edmonton.

Last chance to be able to attend H2S Alive in Edmonton before the new year.

H2S Alive is a one day workshop for anyone who works in an environment that H2S may be present.
Learn through case studies how to respond and act safely in situations involving hydrogen sulfide.
Including how to identify common locations and health hazards associated with H2S.
How to operate respiratory protective equipment, and how to conduct a rescue of a person who has been exposed to H2S.

To register click the link or give us a call. 587-340-3849

H2S ALIVE Saturday Nov 2nd in Calgary.

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We are putting on a H2S ALIVE Course this weekend (NOV 2ND) in Calgary.
If you are in need of this course, please either register through the website or give us a call.

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Phone number
587 – 585 -2428