OHS Statistics.

Here is some eye opening stats from OHS in regards to workplace injuries and deaths. It might seem like a waste of time to take the same training over and over again. But as these stats show, accidents are still happening at an alarming rate. At ACTI we can help stop these stats from growing. We provide industry leading safety training to you or your company.
Click the link below for the OHS Chart and see for yourself. Accidents do happen. But they can be prevented with the right training.

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ACTI Schedule August 12th – 16th

Things are sure picking up with all the pre-shutdown work happening. Make sure to check out our calendar and book yourself in for the courses you need. Nothing worst than getting a job and having to delay because you don’t have the proper training required.
Don’t forget, At ACTI we can direct bill your union for certain courses. To find out which courses your union will cover, give us a call or your local union.
We also do Respirator mask testing. Which may also be covered by your union.
We make sure you get the best safety training around and all in one spot.

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BM 146 Rumour list

Shutdown season is starting up for the BM 146.
We provide training at ACTI that can get you ready for the season.
Below you will find the Rumour list for the BM146

After checking out the list, take a look at our course calendar for Edmonton and Calgary and register for some courses!

Aug 6th – 10th Course Schedules

Hello Everyone and Good Friday.
Shutdowns are starting to ramp up across Alberta. Now is a perfect time to get in some last minute training so you are job site ready.
Besides doing courses. We also provide Respirator fit test, testing.

You can find the links to our Edmonton and Calgary location calendars below.

Working outside during Inclement Weather.

We are all no strangers to inclement weather. Weather it be strong wind, thunder showers or winter storms. Sometime in our life at one point or another we have been stuck in a storm.
But do we all know what to do while working in inclement weather?

It is essential, in times of inclement weather, that employers and employees should take prompt and necessary action.
Take shelter as soon as you can.
Avoid any possible areas where objects may fall.
If lightning is in the area, Make sure to avoid such things as trees and lamp poles.
And try and not be at the highest point on the land.
Avoid any water that may be in your area.
Try to not lean against any metal objects.
Don’t use any electronics or plugged in devices.
If heavy rain is falling, avoid being on a downward slope.
Before stepping in a deep puddle, make sure you know what’s below that puddle.

These are just a few examples of what to do and don’t do with inclement weather.
Pay attention to your task, and if you know you cant finish it before the storm will arrive. Make sure to take action and protect yourself and those around you.

Zero Harm.