GPS Sanitizing

GPS Sanitizing, just received our supply of food grade sanitizing liquids and we are ready to come sanitize your facility, your home, gyms, classrooms, hotels or residents rooms in long term care facilities.

We can also sanitize cars and any fabric surfaces that are not easily cleaned every time someone sits on it. We can sanitize just about anything that is a touch point and reach into every crevice with our sanitary fogging system.

GPS just completed the Alberta Carpenter Union Local 1325 and training facility in Edmonton for a total sanitized space of 56,000 sq ft. We sanitized every touch point in the building. Call us to clean your home after a family gathering or before a visit of a person with an immunocompromised system. This will ensure their is nothing in your house that will harm them like Covid 19. This product is EPA approved and certified by Health Canada to kill many forms of bacteria and viruses that can harm our families. Please contact me at 780 381 5442 or call our office to arrange a appointment for sanitizing. We have crews in Edmonton, Calgary and everywhere in between. We ware ready to help in these challenging times.

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