ACTI’s Article on VR training

With today’s construction training, we are in a classroom learning environment using power points presentations and videos typically lead by a instructor. This has improved our safety record in the field and taken us to a point where we are not hurting as many people as we hurt in years past.

At ACTI we believe that in order to reach Zero Harm on projects we are involved with, we need to step it up on either, the training or the process for the work or both. At ACTI we have chosen to improve the training process from the same old training in a classroom to something new and exciting. We are currently using our Virtual Reality Simulators with ACTI’s training courses such as,Wildlife Awareness Level 2, Fire Watch, Fire Extinguisher, Advanced Rigging, Overhead Crane and Elevated Work Platform. Our partners at the Alberta Carpenters Training Centre are also using our Scaffold Simulator for recruiting and other school activities.

With adult education being our main focus, we investigated the laws of learning for adults and considered what would have the largest impact on our participants. We found that adults learn best by repetitive hands on activities and visual aids. Our Virtual reality simulators have both of these components which make it the one of best tool for adults to learn with.

While using our simulations, we are also able to provide competency services. This is done while being observed by our instructor, scored by the simulator, along with a video of the participant completing VR and physical practicals on the equipment. This can be assembled as proof of competency for OH&S and would prove due diligence by the employer. Contact us for help

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